July 26th:  Field trip to The Roxie Theater:
The Holy Haight: How the 60s Counterculture Changed American Religion Forever

The 60s counterculture overturned American politics, but it also radically transformed the practice of religion in America. On Wednesday, July 26th, at 7:00 PM, local author, cultural historian, and PhD Erik Davis will explore the many facets of hippie religion. The talk will draw on a kaleidoscopic array of clips from local outfit Oddball Films’ vast archive of 60s and 70s era stock footage, amateur films, home movies, pro documentaries, and experimental films. James Whitney’s celebrated visionary short “Lapis” will get us in the mood for a spiritual carnival ranging from Dionysian Acid Tests to Alan Watts’ Zen, Jesus Freaks to Satanic Masses, rock star gurus to Pentagon marches, Sufi Dances to Jewish Renewal hoedowns. Today we continue to live in the shadow of the hippie mystics, from celebrity yoga to corporate mindfulness to the current psychedelic Renaissance.

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